With Abco Roofing


Chimneys are often an overlooked portion of your roof. But, as often one of the most exposed elements on your roof, they can need repairing to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

At extremes, neglecting your chimney stack can result in an unsafe and dangerous ‘pile of bricks’ which are just waiting to topple off your roof with the next gust of wind. Not only will this necessitate replacing the entire chimney but will often cause damage to the roof as it falls (and not least anyone or anything in its path).

On a more day-to-day basis, we frequently undertake work to re-point chimneys and to replace or repair the leadwork which surrounds chimney stacks. This maintenance work ensures your chimney doesn’t become a weak point in your roof that allows water to enter your property.

– Chimney removal
– Rebuilding chimney brick stacks
– Chimney capping and vent repairs
– Replacement and repair of damaged chimney pots
– Chimney brickwork cleaning and restoration