With Abco Roofing


Flat roofs are now a hugely popular solution roofs due to the lower costs compared to a traditional pitched roof. Historically, flat roofing was only recommended in areas with lower rainfall, but due to enhancements in drainage systems, and the lower cost compared to traditional pitched roofs, they're usage is becoming increasingly popular.

Combat the effects of global warming on your tar and felt roofs with our solar reflective Acropol and Chromapol fibre glass membrane heat reflective coatings. It is a new product used in the installation of flat roofing. Whereas felted flat roofs usually last 10 years, we use the latest technologies to which are proven to last much longer. It has a seamless waterproof membrane, measured to fit the flat roof. It comes with attractive flashing trims and is an easy and quick installation.

We will conduct a thorough survey and suggest the best possible materials to protect your home. We will advise on the preparation techniques that need to be carried out and the access equipment that will need to be used. We will also advise on any supplementary products like gutters and downpipes that would also be installed.