With Abco Roofing


After many years chimneys may become weathered, and the pointing and leadwork may start to become useless. We can provide chimney repairs and rebuilding in London and the Home Counties for both residential and commercial roofs.

Lead work has been used in for domestic, industrial and commercial properties in the building industry for many years and still adorns the roofs of a wide variety of properties, such as churches, offices, factories, public buildings and homes throughout the UK.

Our lead working skills and roofing services include, lead roofs, wall flashings, chimney flashings and lead valleys.

Because of its reliable durability, longevity and Eco friendly qualities, lead has remained a popular material for roofing and chimney work. It is extremely 'flexible' and can easily be dressed as flashings to fit the sometimes awkward multi-curved contours of many old and modern building materials, particularly brickwork and chimneys, concrete, slate and clay tiled roofs.